Unreal Summit 2015 Nationwide Korean Tour

At Epic Games Korea, we've been building out our Unreal Summit program for several years now. In 2015 we were pleased to expand it into a nationwide tour to meet the needs of our growing development community.

We visited Jeonju, Gwangju, Busan and Daegu in order to serve students and developers who were unable to travel to our primary conference, the Unreal Summit in Seoul, which comes around each May.

We hope you enjoy this quick recap and a few photos from our journey!


The Unreal Summit began as a tour that covered a single province, and it has grown into a national conference series. Jeonju and Gwangju are new stops for our team at EGK, as these areas have quite a few game-related universities and developers. We had a really nice turnout, and with this much attention around the event; we're already considering how we can return next year, alongside our regular stops in Busan and Daegu. In these photos, you can see our studio head Ray Park chatting with developers.



Nowadays, mobile action RPGs are popular in Korea, so we made a session focusing on how to make RPG games with UE4. Talks ranged from character setup and AI, to particles, UMG and so on. 


Thanks to all that attended the Unreal Summit Nationwide Tour. We’ll be back to share more deep knowledge of UE4 in 2016, and we hope to see you all again!

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