Today’s Unreal Engine Forums Outage

There was an outage of our database servers that support our forums today. While we were able to recover from the outage, unfortunately there was a data loss suffered. 

What happened:

  • During the process of removing an unused database cluster, we, apparently, accidentally performed the operation on the live environment supporting the forums. 
  • We immediately realized the mistake, and began the recovery from our backup. However, the snapshot data was also removed so we could not fully recover the data.

The Impact:

  • Forum outage affected all users access to from 2:58PM EDT to 5:43PM EDT 
  • Forum data was lost for any posts after approximately 8:00 PM EDT yesterday.

Future Prevention:

  • We are currently reviewing our production procedures and data recovery strategy and will provide an update as soon as a full review is complete.

We apologize for the outage and loss of data, and the inconvenience this caused. I will update this forum post with more detailed information about how this happened and the preventative measures we will take to prevent it from happening again.

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