New Unreal Engine 4 demo premieres on latest Oculus “Crystal Cove” prototype at CES 2014

Epic Games has unveiled an Unreal Engine 4 demonstration set in the “Elemental” universe that has been optimized for Oculus VR’s most recent prototype headset, codenamed “Crystal Cove.”

The new prototype features positional tracking and low-persistence, two key components for achieving true virtual reality. The new demo, which tees up an original tower defense scenario, is being exclusively shared behind closed doors at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

In this never-before-seen Oculus experience, users encounter the hulking Elemental knight at a new realm set within the lava-bearing castle, and can launch attacks by unleashing minions and firing turrets.

The improved hardware achieves immersion and comfort on an entirely new level, with high-end Unreal Engine 4 visual effects also adding believability and richness to the environment. It’s a mere taste of how VR will change the way we live, play, and interact in virtual worlds.

Check out the reactions from WIRED, IGN, Joystiq and Polygon.

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