Editor Overview

This walkthrough of Unreal Editor viewports covers the variety of tools and visualizers that expose exactly the data you need within the worlds you create.

Now that you’ve downloaded and installed Unreal Engine 4, we know you’re eager to dig in and test out all of the new features.

To get you up and running, Epic’s Zak Parrish has created a Viewport Navigation video to demonstrate how to navigate the Viewport – one of the most important parts of the interface in the Unreal Editor.

Users can take their pick when it comes to moving around in their Viewport. You’ll learn mouse navigation, which Zak likens to driving a car. First person shooter fans will feel right at home using the WASD keys to move around. For those who have used Maya in the past, we even have a Maya-style navigation utilizing the ‘Alt’ key.

Check out the Viewport Navigation video and let us know which style you prefer!

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